Lights, Camera, Action: It’s Movie Time

THE SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER SEASON will soon be upon us! With so many great movies coming out this year, we decided we wanted to share some of our team’s all-time favorites!
Our Team’s Top Movie Picks!
We love movies in our practice, so we asked our team members to share what their favorite movie was and why. Here’s what they said: Dr. Beth Favorite Movie:Dirty Dancing
Why:It has been my favorite movie throughout my entire life and it never gets old! “Nobody puts baby in the corner!” Holly Favorite Movie:Bridesmaids
Why:It’s hilarious!And Melissa McCarthy rocks!#LOOKAWAY Paula Favorite Movie:Sandlot
Why:I love baseball and it’s nostalgic. Brittany Favorite Movie:Just Friends
Why:I love Ryan Reynolds!That movie cracks me up every time! Taylor Favorite Movie:Dirty Dancing
Why:Because Patrick Swayze is easy of the eyes! Dawn Favorite Movie:You’ve Got Mail
Why:I could watch this adorable movie over and over!My absolute favorite! Mallery Favorite Movie:The Parent Trap
Why:It’s funny and never gets old! Kendra